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Creating a joint working space among active organizations in the field of education to exchange information and expertise

Building a data bank for education institutions and organizations, a house of expertise, and a collective thinker mind

Building the capacities and skills of staff and organizations working in the field of education to improve the impact and quality of response

Raising awareness and linking the education process with the pedagogy process to have a healthy sound society

Participants of the SEP

The platform includes representatives of non-governmental civil organizations, civil society initiatives, technical associations and unions, which are active in the field of formal and informal education, basic and higher education, experts in education sector, digital education, psychological support, advocacy, awareness and empowerment, and any active Syrian organization or initiative can join the platform.

Vision of the SEP

An efficient, sustainable and fair educational process for everyone.

Message of the SEP

Coordination of action, mobilization and advocacy for the education sector to ensure the desired impact on the social and developmental level.

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The Platform includes representatives of civil non-governmental organizations, civil society initiatives and Technical Unions and Leagues which