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Participants in The Syrian Education Platform

The platform includes representatives of non governmental civil organizations, civil society initiatives, technical associations and unions, which are active in the field of formal and informal education, basic and higher education, experts in education sector, digital education, psychological support, advocacy, awareness and empowerment, and any active Syrian organization or initiative can join the platform.

General Principles of The Syrian Education Platform

Organizations’ respect of team work in accordance with human rights principles and professional standards;

Independence of the participating organizations and non-interference in their internal affairs;

Mutual support among the participating organizations and the platform to achieve the common goals;

The platform commits to transparency in its work and impartiality towards its participants;

Solving the problems that arise during the platform's work inside the platform;

Participants' commitment to the platform values and goals;

Deliberations in platform sessions and meetings are governed by the “Chatham House” rule;

Exchanging of information while preserving the right of the information provider;

Fulfilling commitments and attending meetings.

Partner Releases

The Platform includes representatives of civil non-governmental organizations, civil society initiatives and Technical Unions and Leagues which


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