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Olive Branch Organization

Olive Branch is a humanitarian non-profit organization working on a range of progames to serve the needy and vulnerable people inside and outside Syria. Registered in Turkey, Olive Branch has operation/support hubs in Gaziantep, Amman, Beirut, London and Hanover. Olive Branch works in partnership with many international agencies to support peace building and developing stronger communities through focusing on Education, Protection, livelihood, and Women’s Empowerment. At present, we achieve this through nearly 500 dedicated workers on the ground and managed from our bases in Germany, Jordan, Lebanon and registered headquarters in Gaziantep, Turkey; together delivering and planning several humanitarian projects in Syria and Turkey. Olive Branch is funded and supported by individual donors, local and international NGO partners, and through partner fundraising charities in Germany and the UK.

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The Platform includes representatives of civil non-governmental organizations, civil society initiatives and Technical Unions and Leagues which

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