Schools in Syria

Edition 4

The ACU’s Information Management Unit conducted the 4th version of its annual research “Schools in Syria”, to highlight the impact of the Syrian conflict on education and the needs of students and school supplies. This is the most representative, nuanced iteration of this study to date, covering 4,079 schools within 99 sub-districts across 10 governorates, building upon 35,925 data e-forms with 31,846 forms on perception surveys. It has significant increase in the number of the functional schools addressed over its first version to the current one by 2,572 schools.

This report provides a broad view of the current obstacles and most pressing needs of the educational sector, covering a spectrum of issues ranging from facilities to student and teacher life in Syria’s embattled regions.

By sharing the findings of the 4th version of this academic research, the Information Management Unit of the ACU hopes to lay down a roadmap for donors and stakeholders in Syria’s educational sector to not only guide it through its present crises, but towards a brighter future.

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