Joint education needs assessment

The deteriorating humanitarian situation along with the lack of security inside Syria due to the unfolding events has led to having a negative impact on all the sectors in the opposition-held areas, outside the Syrian regime’s control northwestern Syria, particularly the educational sector. All this has contributed to a remarkable increase in the rates of Out of School Children (OOSC). For this, The Information Management Unit of the Assistance Coordination Unit has implemented an assessment of comprehensive

participatory education for Out of School Children (OOSC) for the participatory education report (JENA) in areas outside the Syrian Regime’s control northwestern Syria under the supervision of the education sector in Turkey and Save the Children organization, in collaboration with a group of the Education Cluster’s partners composed of thirteen humanitarian organizations (Bonyan, Takaful Al-Sham, Syria Relief, Matar, Shafaq, Qudra, Banafsaj, Ataa, Bahar, Binaa, Sadad, Midad education without borders

and Ihsan). The study covers 112 communities, including 26 regular and random camps, in addition to 86 cities and towns. According to the study, the number of school-age children in the NW of Syria (within areas covered in the study) reached 1,712,468 with 34% (582,239 children) of those school-age children being out of school (OOSC).

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